Physicists in the chair

Audio resources from the Institute of Physics

Dr Tony Scott interviews Cecilia Jarlskog, 2011 President of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, Schawlow prize winner Henry Kapteyn and Margaret Murnane RDS Irish Times Boyle Medal winner

Dr Tony Scott interviews Dr William Phillips, NIST, Nobel Laureate (MP3 duration: 56 mins)

Spring Weekend (MP3 duration: 25 mins)
Prof Iggy McGovern interviews Dr Tony Scott

Spring Weekend (MP3 duration: 1 hour)
Dr Tony Scott interviews Prof Alex Montwill

Astronomy (MP3 duration: 30 mins)
Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell, President Institute of Physics, Oxford University

Particle Physics (MP3 duration: 25 mins)
Dr Ronan McNulty, University College Dublin

The Quantum World (MP3 duration: 23 mins)
Dr Sile Nic Chormaic, University College Cork

Climate Change (MP3 duration: 25 mins)
Prof Ray Bates, University College Dublin

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