Eoin Farrell wins this year's Earnshaw Award

28 September 2018

Eoin’s winning project is the ‘Impact of Binary Interaction on the Evolution of Blue Supergiant Stars’

Earnshaw Award Winner
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Eoin Farrell's winning project was carried out under the supervision of Professor José Groh and Professor Georges Meynet of the University of Geneva.

His work used stellar evolution models of binary systems to investigate the impact of binary interaction on the evolution of blue supergiant stars (BSGs) and, in particular, on the flux-weighted gravity luminosity relationship (FGLR). 

The FGLR is a technique which uses BSGs to determine extragalactic distances. It consists of an observationally tight relationship between the absolute bolometric magnitude and the spectroscopically determined 'flux-weighted gravity' of BSGs.

Eoin is continuing his studies at Trinity College Dublin towards a PhD with Professor José Groh in the area of massive star evolution. He will be presented with his award at the IOP Ireland Christmas Reception in December.

This year 11 colleges submitted projects for consideration for the award. 

The prize is named for John Earnshaw who was a professor of physics in Queen’s University Belfast and head of the Plasma and Laser Interaction Group. Professor Earnshaw died in a hill walking accident in the Mournes in 1999.

A full list of Earnshaw winners is available.

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