Keeping the physics spark alive at the BBC

21 August 2018

IOP’s Education and Promotions Adviser, Liz Conlon was keeping the physics spark alive recently at the BBC studios in Belfast

Liz Conlon Spark BBC

While talking about the recent A-Level results she whipped out a few bits of kit and demonstrated how we are all carriers of electricity emphasising both the pleasure in understanding the physics all around and its importance to the local economy. The video of the demo has created quite a twitter ripple. Liz, who has never been known to leave home without a bag of physics goodies to hand, commented:

It is vital that physics is embraced in Northern Ireland to kickstart our economy and offer a brighter future for our young people. People are always pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable it is to get an understanding of the area.”

The Institute is concerned about the low uptake of physics in Northern Ireland which is at odds with the trends in the rest of the UK and in Ireland and has called for urgent action to address the situation, pointing to the success of sustained IOP/government programmes in England.

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