Physics Busking at Culture Night Belfast

29 September 2014

On a balmy September evening, ten physics buskers took to the streets of Belfast and encouraged hundreds of Culture Night visitors to try out and understand simple physics experiments. Approximately 40,000 thronged the Cathedral Quarter for the annual extravaganza of Culture Night.

Physics Busking at Culture Night Belfast

With over 200 events packed into a small part of Belfast on the third Friday night in September there is always a terrific buzz and physics busking is always a hit with the crowds.

This year the physics busking was bigger and better, with 10 willing and energetic volunteers taking over a large space in Writers' Square opposite St Anne's Cathedral. The usual tricks of Balloon Skewers, Straw Oboes and the Tame Tornado amazed and delighted spectators young and old. You can try them for yourself at If you like these, then check out the cartoon Marvin and Milo experiment cards also on the site.

We are hugely indebted to the volunteers who make the physics busking events so popular. If you are interested in helping out at future events, email Liz Conlon at

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