Physics – a springboard to your career

27 November 2014

Autumn sees the Institute of Physics taking to the careers fairs around the country.

Physics – a springboard to your career

Kicking off the year is Higher Options at the RDS in Dublin – the largest event of its kind for school students in 5th and 6th year who are exploring their college and careers options. Around 25,000 attend the event and the volunteers on the IOP Ireland stand were kept busy throughout the three days.  This was followed by similar events in Galway and Monaghan and at talks given by the IOP at Transition Year programmes in TCD and UCD.

The number one question at the stands, tends to be ‘what can I do with a degree in physics?’ Our most usual answer is – ‘anything! ‘This is where the IOPI booklet 28 Days, 28 Physicists comes into its own.

Featuring people working in areas as diverse as space technology, games development, renewable energies and medical physics the booklet gives a good insight into both the range of career options available and a look at the typical working life of each of the contributors.

Students are also keen to find our more about the range of physics courses in Ireland and particularly interested in options around astrophysics, theoretical physics and the level of practical experience available. Much of this is covered in another useful IOPI publication – Physics Courses in Ireland 2015.

Over the past couple of months, thousands of copies of these booklets have been distributed and many more downloaded from the IOPI website.

Physics – a springboard to your career

IOPI have also been providing support for students at the other end of the spectrum with events at NUI Galway, UCD and TCD for students looking for employment. The Institute has a range of publications including:

The Physicist’s Guide to writing your CV

The Physicist’s Guide to getting the most from your physics degree

The Physicist’s Guide to choosing a PhD

These guides and more are available for IOP members to download at:

The IOP is also sponsoring a series of informal talks in UCD School of Physics – Next Steps. Featuring recent physics graduates talking about their career moves, the talks are open to physics students from all colleges. For more information on upcoming speakers, contact Bairbre Fox at UCD (

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