Women in physics at QUB

21 March 2014

Over 200 school, undergraduate and postgraduate female physics students were joined by women working in physics in academia and business from all over Ireland for a day in Queen’s University which focused on promoting physics among young women.

The day provided an a friendly atmosphere for students to meet women at all stages in their career and included talks from well known astrophysicist, Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell, Dr Debra McNeill from Seagate and Dr Roseanne Reilly, Intel. In addition there were presentations ranging from ‘What does a Nano-scientist look like’ by TCD’s Dr Jessamyn Fairfield to Laura Boyle from NUI Galway who looked at Planet Destruction. The event was complemented by a science fair with hands on demos.

Supported by IOP Ireland, Seagate and QUB the event aimed to support young women who are thinking about physics but wondering what is life like as a physicist.

With the number of girls taking physics at A Level and Leaving Certificate level hovering at around only 25% of the exam cohort such events are clearly needed.