Irish physicists discover lost model of the cosmos by Albert Einstein

3 March 2014

A mathematical model of the universe by Albert Einstein that was never published has been discovered and analyzed by a team of scientists at Waterford Institute of Technology, the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and Cambridge University.

The manuscript, which was discovered by Cormac O'Raifeartaigh in the Einstein Online Archive of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, demonstrates that Einstein once attempted a model of the cosmos in which the density of matter is maintained constant in an expanding universe by the continuous creation of matter from the vacuum.  While this ‘steady-state’ model was abandoned due a technical flaw, the discovery indicates that Einstein debated between steady-state and evolving models of the cosmos in the early 1930s, many years before a similar debate engulfed the cosmological community.

The discovery is described in this week's Nature at

More on the story can be found on Cormac’s blog at

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