CERN Director Enthuses Local Schools

11 February 2014

Steve Myers came back to his native Northern Ireland recently to encourage more local young people to take up physics.

He spoke to pupils from four schools at Lisneal College in Derry and went on to present prizes at his alma mater, St Malachy's College, Belfast.

In his last week of being Director of Accelerators and Technology at CERN, Steve took the time to communicate his enjoyment at being part of the largest physics experiment in the world.

He explained the extremes of temperature, energy and magnetic fields that are required to recreate the conditions that existed within a billionth of a second after the Big Bang.

Liz Conlon, of the Institute of Physics in Ireland, introduced Steve by giving an overview of the Standard Model of particle physics.

The audience was particularly impressed by the personal story of the faulty connection that caused the explosion and shutdown of the LHC in 2008.

He encouraged them to understand the scale of the endeavour, relying on a multinational team of 11,000 consisting of physicists, engineers, computer scientists and others all working together.

Steve Myers has worked at CERN for over 40 years and. on retirement, is setting up the new Office for CERN Medical Applications.

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