Physics at the Festival of Curiosity Dublin

25 July 2013

There will be physics in the street and on stage this weekend at the Festival of Curiosity in Dublin.

Physics at the Festival of Curiosity Dublin

Look out for the Physics Buskers as you walk around the Temple Bar area. Be amazed by demonstrations of Archimedes Law of Forces shown with a tug of war, Bernoulli’s Law for Fluid Flow with giant windbags, Faraday’s Law of Induction shown with a simple motor, vortex blower, musical straws, windmills and rockets and much much more. The Buskers are performing on Friday 26th July from 12 - 4pm and Sunday 28th July 12 to 4pm and are suitable for all ages.

Stella is a play about two women astronomers, one from the 21st century and the other from the 18th century and is showing at the Smock Alley theatre on Friday 26th July at 7.30pm and on Saturday 27th July at 1.30pm. The Friday performance is followed by a question and answer session with Prof Jocelyn Burnell. This play is performed by Take the Space theatre company and is sponsored by the Arts Council of England, the Institute of Physics and the Science and Technology Facilities Council and is suitable for ages 12+ years.

For further details of these two events and the rest of the Festival of Curiosity programme, go to

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