Giant's Causeway

12 July 2012

The Institute of Physics in Ireland, is concerned that the visitor centre at the Giant’s Causeway, which provides a valuable science learning experience to thousands of young people every year, should stray into promoting a world view which contradicts scientific evidence.

Giant's Causeway

The centre’s inclusion of materials that note the young earth creationist’s viewpoint will give young visitors the impression that non-scientific theories are acceptable alternatives to scientific explanations.

Science is the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the natural world following a systematic methodology based on evidence which involves critical analysis of theories, the reliance on experiment and or observation, and the willingness to change a point of view in the light of evidence to the contrary.

Kevin McGuigan, Chair of IOPI, commented that "creationism cannot masquerade as science and, as such, the Institute of Physics in Ireland feels that young-Earth creationist materials should not be any part of an exhibition that purports to explain how one of our proudest landmarks came to be."