Speed dating for physicists

27 March 2012

While not quite the most romantic way to spend a March Saturday, the IOPI’s new careers event drew in third level students from across the country to meet nine working physicists in a series of timed small-group meetings.

Speed dating for physicists

At the ring of a sharp bell students moved between physicists working in areas as diverse as meteorology, medical physics, forensics, hardware design, science communication, computational physics, IT, marine geophysics and satellite technology.

The event, a first for the Institute, was held in the Dublin Institute of Technology and was highly successful with students commenting enthusiastically about the range of career opportunities open to them.

Amazingly at the end of a somewhat intensive two hour session, and with the college doors closing around them, it was clear that many of the students could have stayed talking all night – a great tribute to the energy and dedication of the participating physicists.

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