UCD celebrate as the 2012 champions of the IOPI intervarsity quiz

6 March 2012

Buswell’s Hotel was on the doorstep for the Dublin teams attending the IOP in Ireland fourth intervarsity quiz on 3 March – and happily UCC and NUIG travelled to ensure that the quiz remained an ‘all Ireland’ event.

Cup winners: Left to right they are John Gordon, Michael Fitzsimons, Conor Finn, Ciaran Hickey

A few familiar team members were back to try their luck a second time – or in NUIM’s case to keep the trophy – but in most cases there were fresh faces and almost all were undergraduates.

Dr John White, quiz master supreme for the fourth time, kept the teams on their toes opening with the question: ‘I lost the tip of my nose in a duel before building a research institute on the island of Hven, where I formally began my life of precise astronomical measurements. 

In 1600, I moved to Prague, where my assistant Johannes Kepler used my data to derive the three laws of planetary motion. Who am I?’ 

Later a groan of dismay emerged at the announcement of the physics calculation round which was to be strictly ‘sans calculators’, but, in the aftermath all agreed this was one of the best rounds with TCD and NUIG scoring the highest marks at 8/10.

An economics round (alternatively titled ‘Where did it all go wrong?’) proved challenging and the arts and literature section caused serious head wringing - but the sound and picture round brought some light relief and welcome movie music to the evening. 

A selection of very entertaining answers during the evening kept the humour alive: ‘About what 1957 thing did Daniel J. Boorstin say “Never before had so small and harmless an object created such consternation?” getting the response ‘Elvis Presley’s hips’ and ‘Of what is the study of aetiology?’ prompting the answer ‘The study of the number 8’.

UCD were ahead from the get go - closely chased by Trinity - but ended clear winners with a 3 point lead. 

Third place was up for grabs and DIT, who had won a spot prize for the funniest team name ‘The chartered accountants’, gained the honours with TCD maintaining their second position.

Emily Gleeson and Mischa Stocklin were scrutineers and markers keeping everyone the right side of the physics quiz laws.

Try the quiz questions (PDF, 229 KB) for yourself.

Cup winners: Left to right they are John Gordon, Michael Fitzsimons, Conor Finn, Ciaran Hickey.