Intervarsity quiz

7 March 2011

All in excellent spirits seven university teams from schools of physics competed at the third IOP Ireland intervarsity quiz which was held in UCD School of Physics on Friday 4th March.

NUIM 2011 cup winners at IOPI intervarsity quiz held on 4th March

Image: Winners NUI Maynooth
l-r Donal O Sullivan Eoin O Brien Eoin Miller (sitting) Stephen McNulty Anthony Donohoe

Dr John White was the quiz master par-excellence and now and again adopted (to the amusement of all) a very accurate Jeremy Paxman sarcastic tone.  All teams were hungry to claim the large silver trophy that had been won twice by UCC in the first two years of the competition.  UCD took a strong lead of 6 points after the fourth tough round (where the teams had to name ten of the physicists in the famous picture taken at the 1927 Salvay conference)  but it was the sound and flag round that changed all the team’s positions to end the first stage with Trinity College Dublin leading and Dublin City University and  NUI Maynooth in joint second – these three teams went into the final ‘head to head’ rounds.

The question ‘Who won the 2010 nobel prize for physics?’ surprisingly stumped all three teams but NUIM sneaked ahead to win the trophy leaping up screaming ‘We won! We won!.  Their correct answer to the pivotal question ‘nacreous, cumuluous or noctilucent clouds develop in the stratosphere? Secured the win and TCD and DCU tied in second place.

Travelling the furthest QUB, UL and UCC provided very strong competition and crucially the all-lreland dimension to the Intervarsity quiz which looks set to be the highlight event for physics students in Ireland.  

Spot prizes were handed out all evening - often for the most entertaining incorrect answers - such as Bangladesh’s flag (red circle on green) was Japan-1 and Michael Jackson was the first person to complete a space walk.

Afterwards the teams headed to the Belfield bar to celebrate with colourful beverages in the cup and a game of pool - at closing time they all disappeared into town on the last 46A to celebrate and consolidate their new friendships and rivalry. 

Like to try the quiz? Download it here (PDF, 2 MB).

Joint second place DCU

Image: Joint second place DCU (left 5 people) TCD (right 5 people)


Image: UCC, UL QUB, UCD with Quizmaster Dr John White on rhs

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