Physics modules and project ideas

  • Ashfield Music Festival (IOP's main website)
    The Ashfield Music Festival, gives students the chance to find out more about the practical applications of physics by trying out life as a sound or lighting engineer working at a music festival
  • Design and Discovery Module (Intel)
    This design and discovery module promotes a hands-on learning experience by encouraging students to identify creative solutions to everyday problems in the world of design and engineering. The module focuses on basic scientific, design and engineering concepts. 
  • The Virtual Physics Laboratory
    From a lens to a nuclear power station. A suite of over 170 simulations based on real data. Produced by the National Physics Laboratory and the Institute of Physics. Contact
  • Teachers domain
    Excellent collection of short video clips by experts
    Senior Cycle and Transition Year physics resources
  • SciCast Physics competition
    Produce a film of less than two and a half minutes that explains physics in an entertaining way and get your film nominated for the red carpet 'hollywood style' awards ceremony. Open to all ages. Go to the SciCast website to see previous years winning films which are highly entertaining yet educational.

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