Physics is a key part of science and technology; it is used to solve problems and understand how the world works in every detail at the deepest level. 

An understanding of physics helps to solve environmental, social, health and technological challenges.

Physics can be a springboard to your career. The resources available describe just a few of the many interesting and diverse careers open to physicists.

Further materials for supporting your career can be found from the main IOP site and Bright Recruits which finds jobs in physics and engineering - see links on the right.

There is also lots of excellent information on careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) at the Smart Futures website, including videos featuring students from all over Ireland asking career questions relating to working in STEM to a panel of scientists.

A day in the life

Career profiles detailing a day in the life of 28 physicists

A day in the life 

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