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Spooky action at a distance

4 November 2014

Halloween may be over but Belfast is celebrating the ‘spooky’ work of local physicist, John Bell, who famously contradicted Einstein’s prediction that one particle could not affect the behaviour of another particle separated from it in space

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Physics busking
Botanic Gardens Dublin, 9 Nov

Steering many-body quantum dynamics
Tommaso Calarco. Ulm University, Talks at UCC, Maynooth and QUB, 12-14 Nov

Physics Busking
Milk Market, Limerick, 15 Nov

IOPI Christmas Reception
RDS, 9 Dec. All welcome.

Action at a Distance: the life and legacy of John Stewart Bell
Art exhibition and talks, QUB, 5-30 November.

The Hot and Energetic Universe with the X-ray Observatory Athena
Public talk, UCD, 12th Jan 6pm, Prof Luigi Piro

Policy submissions
IOPI submission to NI consultation on ERDF funding.

Electric cars are rubbish - aren't they?
Robert Llewellyn, Black Box Belfast, 7 November

Smashing science
A series of films, discussions and interactions with scientists across the fields of materials science, sports analytics and physics. 13-15 November, CHQ.

November 25

  • 1814 Birth of Julius von Mayer, one of the founders of thermodynamics

  • 1844 Birth of Karl Benz, inventor of the petrol-powered car and founder of Mercedes Benz
  • Physics in Perspective
    Watch talks from well-renowned physicists at from our lecture series, you may even learn a thing or two

  • Schools lecture series
    The schools lectures feature topics from the Olympics to rock music. Plenty of physics to learn too!

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